Anjarul Ali

I just want to say Thank you to SIA Europe Studies because how they assist me it was really positive side for Receiving my visa and they are located in Riga thats it is easy to come anytime at their head office whilei have some problem for solution. i just want say Nepali Students if you want to come Latvia, contact to ESL . Thanks to ESL


Dhruv Joshi

I would like thanks  to SIA EUROPE STUDIES that they helped for my Admission such a top university in Latvia ,They guide me for preparing documents applying for visa , Residence permit, and accommodation in Riga , Latvia I definitely suggest SIA Europe Studies.


Manpreet Singh

Europe Studies Ltd (ESL) has helped me a lot for my admission, visa procedure and Residence permit . All the staff are very friendly and helpful.. I do recommend them to anyone I know because they are the best in the business.

Punjab, India

Vishwesh Chauhan

I am writing to express my gratitude to the EUROPE STUDIES (ESL) consultant who helped me successfully to achieve my career goals. I especially appreciated their fast response, transparent communication, and co-ordination in a timely and efficient manner.

Gujarat , India

Sardor Islamov

I was looking for Good University and I got SIA Europe Studies Contact by Facebook and they helped for my Admission and immigration all the paper work, I would like to thank ESL and suggest my friends SIA EUROPE STUDIES for Study in Europe.



I was happy to be received by a team member of SIA “Europe Studies “at the airport and taken to my hostel. I was a very emotional moment for me as it was my dream to study in Europe. I am very thankful to SIA” Europe Studies” for giving me quality service.

Ahmedabad, India

Faisal Kinaramakkal Mohammed


Though SIA ”Europe Studies” is one among many overseas educational consultancy, I personally feel they value service more and make sure clients have no complaints.  They provided me with the accurate scenario of Education and opportunities in Europe.

Kerala ,India

Mohammad Harish Yusufbhai Rathod

I am all the more comfortable because their head office is located in Riga and very close to my University. I have someone to guide me with information till I get to know the place and people.

Rajkot, India

Heta Jogidasani

Many of my friends came to SIA “Europe Studies” and they suggested me to do the same. After experiencing their service, I proudly recommend SIA ’Europe Service to others as well.

Gujarat, India

Saidjahon Ahmad khan

SIA “Europe Studies” has gained my trust as I have personally experienced their service. I have no words to appreciate their service.