Compared to many other European countries Latvia is considered moderately cheap and is one of the main factors on why many students choose it as their study destination from all over the world, including students from even Scandanavia. It’s ranked in the 20-25 bracket out of 44 European countries with Switzerland, Norway, Iceland topping the charts while lesser-known countries take the bottom spot. The table below will give a brief insight into the basic cost of products and services in Riga as of 2018

As per the records from our students, the total average expense per month can range from 250 EUR if you are strict on your budget and can go up to 400 EUR if you are a hard spender. A normal accommodation rental costs from 100-250 Euro depending on the distance from the city centre. Now to put this into perspective the average cost of a room in a shared apartment costs roughly 500-600 Euro in major cities of Germany.

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