General Docs

  1. Europe Studies Application form
  2. Passport
  3. Curriculum Vitae -CV (must need to add all the information like -personal-educational-professional etc.
  4. Motivation Letter
  5. Photo jpg
  6. Language Proficiency Certificate / Medium of Instruction of previous studies
  7. Experience certificate (if any)
  8. the recommendation letters from the previous School/College/University 

  To Apply for Higher Education Diploma or Bachelor/UnderGraduate  Level
  1. Secondary /O Level (10th or Equal )/ Certificate and Transcript -Minimum Grade point 60% or Equal Level
  2. Higher Secondary /A Level/3 years Vocational degree (12th or Equal ) Certificate and Transcript -Minimum Grade point 60% or Equal Level
 To Apply for Medical Programs 

      Previous Education (10th +12th) should maintain  the following

  1. Medicine (MD)- Chemistry & Biology (Compulsory) , Mathematics & Physics (Preferably)
  2. Dentistry (DBS) -Chemistry & Biology (Compulsory) , Mathematics & Physics (Preferably)
  3. Pharmacy (Mpharma) -Chemistry (Compulsory) , Biology , Mathematics & Physics (Preferably)
  4. Nursing (BSc) – Biology (Compulsory) , Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics (Preferably)
  5. Physiotheraphy (BSc)-Biology (Compulsory) , Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics (Preferably)
  6. Occupational Therapy (BSc)-(BSc)-Biology (Compulsory) , Chemistry, Mathematics & Physics (Preferably)  
To Apply Masters/Graduate
  1. Bachelor Level Certificate and Transcript (Each year/semester and Consolidate ) -Minimum Grade point 60% or Equal Level
  2. Provisional certificate valid from the date of result published 1 year as an example if your result publish 1st of January 2018 then your Provisional certificate Valid till 31st December 2018.
To Apply Doctoral 

Enrolment in the Doctoral study programme depend on the Field of Research as an example if you want to do Business Administration” is available for the persons who have Master’s Degree in Business Administration, Public Management, or Education Management, or professional Master’s Degree in Business Administration, or Master’s Degree in other fields of science if their working experience in the field of entrepreneurship management is not shorter than two years.


* From one side it is necessary for University to understand what are the research objectives of the Applicant. Article is used to understand what is the scientific are of research student is willing to pursue. Moreover University is willing to understand the degree to which the scientific research has been done so far.

* From other side research article is important also for Student – showing the academic field of interest, purpose of possible PhD Thesis (evolving from this article), problem area to be discovered and scientific abilities of student. The article has to be viewed as your business card – introducing your interests and possible topic of PhD Thesis.

The article has to be designed according to international requirements for scientific paper. Based on scientific article the Admittance committee will make decision concerning possible admittance of Student.

Scientific article have to contain 5 parts – Introduction, Theoretical part, Contribution of Author and conclusions, list of references.


*We confirm that the above all information is correct and its being up to date depend on the College/University

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