Welcome to Europe Studies
Respective Educators !

”Europe Studies” Ltd. is an International Education consulting organisation with excellent credentials that provides value-based educational services and best known for its comprehensive support services to skilled and motivated students worldwide that believe in the cross border education. We take care of all the procedures in a very convenient and efficient way to ensure a successful enrolment for our students into educational institutions that are well-known for their quality education and unique diversity of students and staff



We are indeed a well-trusted student recruitment agency that aims to make the world more diverse and help students worldwide to experience a multicultural education overseas. ”Europe Studies” Ltd main office is located in Riga, Latvia with many representatives in various countries globally which has gained profound confidence among many.


We are glad to inform you that each semester, Europe Studies gets students mainly from India, Sri Lanka,  Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Latvia,Uzbekistan ,Nepal, Cameroon, Nigeria  and we are growing even wider each and every semester. 

Over the past successfully years of Europe Studies, we have managed to develop partnerships with numerous universities all over the Europe and around the globe. Thus, we are writing to your honoured institution future partnership that will allow us to enrol our students at your university and meantime enhance the multinational educational experience for many worldwide.